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Publication UMA-EN-P – November Table of Contents . User Manual UM to assign an IP address to the MicroLogix. controller. Publication INC-EN-P – October Important . Manual UM .. publication UM, for more information on surge suppression. rm_-en-p – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Document Number IN UM

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Unhook the top of the DIN rail slot from the rail. Locate your controller as far as possible u001 power lines, load lines, and other sources of electrical noise such as hard-contact switches, relays, and ac motor drives. Store the equipment in appropriate static-safe packaging when not in use. Install your controller using these installation instructions.

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Subsequent sections of this sn may contain additional information regarding specific enclosure type ratings that are required to comply with certain product safety certifications. B mm 7.

Several specific steps can be taken to help reduce the effects of environmental noise on analog signals: Wear an approved grounding wriststrap. Debris strip ATTENTION Do not remove the protective debris strip until after the controller and all eh equipment in the panel near the controller are mounted and wiring is complete. AC powered products must be connected to the secondary of an isolating transformer.

Combinations of equipment in your system are subject to investigation by the local Authority Having 11766 at the time of installation. The terminals will accept a 6.

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Rockwell Automation

The enclosure must have suitable flame-retardant properties to prevent or minimize the spread of flame, complying with a flame spread rating of 5VA, V2, V1, V0 or equivalent if non-metallic. Be sure that the area is nonhazardous before proceeding.

You can also contact a special Customer Support number for initial help in getting your product up and running. For more information on proper grounding guidelines, refer to the Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines, publication Use a static-safe workstation, if available. The drain wire and foil shield must be grounded at one end of the cable.

In no event will Rockwell Automation, Inc. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. For more information, contact your local distributor or Rockwell Automation representative, or visit http: Plug the ribbon cable connector into the bus connector.

Follow these guidelines when you handle this equipment: Outside United States Please contact your local Rockwell Automation representative for the return procedure. Use a power supply that matches the transmitter specifications as shown. You must provide a Customer Support case number call the phone number above to obtain one to your distributor in order to complete the return process.

1766-IN001 – Rockwell Automation

Secure the battery connector wires so that it does not o the expansion bus connector as shown below. Do not drill holes above a mounted controller if the protective debris strips have been removed.

All cables connected to the product must remain in the enclosure or be protected by conduit or other means. When using spade lugs, use a small, flat-blade screwdriver to pry the finger-safe cover from the terminal blocks, then loosen the terminal screw.

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Refer to the SLC Lithium Battery Installation Instructions, publication IN, for more information on installation, handling, usage, storage, and disposal of the battery. Place a flat-blade screwdriver in the DIN rail latch at the bottom of the controller. Because of the many e and requirements associated with any particular installation, Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Reproduction of the contents of this manual, in o or in part, without written permission of Rockwell Automation, Inc. Identifies information about practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury or death, property damage, or economic loss. Make sure that the MicroLogix system is properly grounded. Communication pins used for RS im001 are alternately used for 24V power on the other MicroLogix controllers.

IN – Rockwell Automation

Make sure your controller is spaced properly see Controller Spacing on page 12 for more information. Remove the mounting template. United States Contact your distributor. MicroLogix Instruction Set Reference Manual RM A reference manual that contains data and function files, instruction set, and troubleshooting information for MicroLogix At this level transient voltages are controlled and do not exceed the impulse voltage capability of the product’s insulation.

The interior of the enclosure must be accessible only by the use of a tool. Without appropriate precautions, there may be potential difficulties ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in other environments due to conducted as well as radiated disturbance.