User Guide for Alcatel Telephone. Advanced Phone Features For The Alcatel set is equipped with the following elements: 1. Handset. 2. Alcatel OmniPCX . The list of programmable features can be found in your User guide. Þ. END of Alcatel. OmniPCX™ and REFLEXES™. Alcatel Advanced Reflexes™ Alcatel OmniPCX Office ARCHITECTS OF AN INTERNET WORLD User guide How Thank you for choosing one of our Reflexes .

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Apply 5 After selecting, completing, or composing, send the message by: The new call rings and your display shows caller information until you answer or the call is forwarded, or the caller sets camp-on.

Adjusting The Display Brightness alxatel. Dial 1 or pre-set 2. Free keys may be in key rows or you may use the Navigator to scroll through display pages to select a programmable display position.

Sending a text message at the beginning of your call: Answering other calls during a conversation During a call, you can answer a second call. The display will indicate time and cost information regarding your last outside call and the current cost total depending upon your system configuration.


During the conversation, you can lift the handset and continue without interruption.

To recover the second call: Call pickup services GrpPic: Calling using program keys 9. To arrange Selective forwarding: Fixed keys The fixed keys correspond to frequently used features. Next Prev to display the next name. Availability of this feature depends upon your system configuration. CampOn and wait do not hang up.


Making a call to Attendant. To switch the station speaker off: The display will shows that calls are being forwarded and to what number.

If you prefer, you can transfer the call without waiting to see if the second party answers even if their line is busy.

Press the display key Displ you have programmed for the number you want. Dial the pre-set code. Calls are forwarded after a period of time, when your terminal does not answer Note: Speaker To answer a call in hands-free mode: The display screen will prompt you to dial the default code or your old code.


Answering a second call during a conversation. Consultation Call During a conversation with either an internal or an external caller, you can call a second person. Create new phonebook 9 9. The second call will be terminated.

The last caller’s identity will be displayed.

See Table of Codes. For information on how to program numbers, see Programming your personal directory.

Alcatel 4035 Advance Reflex Telephone User Guide

To return to the first caller on holdpress the line key for that call. The visibility will change with each keystroke.

To forward your calls: Applying a selective diversion. The first call will automatically be placed on hold. Your display will show that an apology message is in operation.