10 ways to convince yourself not to get involved in the CCRA.

1. "I work all day so I don't have time to volunteer." Lots of us work all day but we still have a couple of hours to spare each week, or an afternoon or evening each month.

2. "I'm not interested in political stuff." OK, but are you interested in music, dancing, kids' events, barbecues, crime prevention, writing, walking, nature, computers, sports, people? We have something for everyone and something that you are interested in.

3. "I wouldn't be any use. I wouldn't know what to do." Nobody knew what to do when they first became involved. There's people to help you find something you want to do and then show you how to do it.

4. "I have young children." Great! Set a good example for them - give a little of yourself to make this neighbourhood a better place for your children and for you.

5. "I'm new to the area. I don't know anyone." There is no better way to meet your new neighbours and to find out about your new community.

6. "There are already lots of people who deliver the monthly newsletter and canvass for memberships." There sure are - several hundred of them in fact. But there are still some streets that aren't covered. If you have an hour each month to deliver the CCRA Newsletter, we need your help. It's a great way to get some exercise and to meet people.

7. "This community doesn't need my help. Its fine just as it is." Yes, it is a great place to live, but only because of the many volunteers who shaped it into what it is now, and because of those who work together to make it the great place that we can call home.

8. "I already volunteer for another organization." Then you undoubtedly have skills and experience that the CCRA needs.

9. "You don't need me, there's always "someone else" to keep the CCRA going!" If everyone thought that way, there would be no CCRA.

10. "I don't know how to get involved." Call Bob Baron at 416-283-9230 or any executive member. Send e-mail to the CCRA President if you prefer

Go on! Try it! You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!