Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer. Rated / 5 by 23 customers!. Announced in January , the MiniBrute created quite a buzz at Winter NAMM and in the electronic music world. Not only was it the first new. Enter Arturia’s MiniBrute, a true hardware analogue mono synth MiniBrute has only one oscillator, but if that immediately makes you think it.

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To make the sound even larger, the MiniBrute’s VCO wave mixer lets you combine the waveforms with dedicated volume sliders revieww waveform, allowing for sounds similar to a polyphonic synth’s unison mode. Where the oscillators on the MiniBrute take a detour into the unusual is in the wave-shaping available to the triangle and sawtooth waves. The rear panel is well supplied: The MiniBrute is also sold with sheets to record their favorite sounds but I think once mastered, everything is done in 30 seconds by my watch Too often the demonstrators push the fader thoroughly, abusing the gross factor and Metalizer modulates excessive, minibruye with a little finesse in the settings, the resulting sound becomes much more interesting and musical.

This is my first MiniBrute analog synthesizer. All right, 3 knob, the dreaded brutalizer, the knob for the headphone aryuria and the overall volume. I should note that I am unfortunately fell on a defective keyboard when my purchase in January It should not place undue reliance on demonstration videos that abound on the Internet; they do not reflect a comprehensive view of the instrument.

Control cutoff minibrut aftertouch is probably improved.


You can play with mminibrute hand by changing are aWith the other hand or modulate both hands if the MIDI synth is controlled It’s really good to play the MiniBrute.


What is the particular feature you like best and least? Arturia needs no introduction in music-tech circles: What thing do you like most and least? Good value for money! Effects – Ultrasaw, Metalizer, Brute Factor.

User reviews: Arturia MiniBrute – Audiofanzine

The MiniBrute is great for FX, leads, evolving rhythmic patterns. The MiniBrute a small monophonic analog without memory effect, but with a strong personality Arturia Minibrute keybed replacement Hi everyone! It can also synchronise itself with the arpeggiator. Beginners Value For Money: In fact, it’s mainly used for updating the synth’s firmware and providing access to parameters not available on the front panel.

A pitch bend and modulation wheel can control the filter, LFO Amount or vibrato. However, it is obvious that I will touch more now one VSTi: Not only was it the first new mass-market analog VCO synth in quite teview while, it was also from a company known for its soft synths. In use, this isn’t a particular problem and, arguably, gives the MiniBrute its own unique character – it’s not just a SH or other Roland, Moog, Oberheim… clone.

Date Produced – The value for money is excellent is one of the biggest benefits of Arturia products. Multitimbral – 1 part. Our Verdict A great little synth, which manages to pack a lot of punch into its modest frame. Keyboard – 25 note semi-weighted, with aftertouch assignable to Cutoff or Vibrato amount.

Arturia MiniBrute | Vintage Synth Explorer

But beware, I do not go down the MiniBrute which has excellent sound with a very wide range of sounds from his silky tones to more undue via brutalizer or Metalizer. It has been some time overshadowed by a Volca Bass in my set-up.

Too often demonstrators push fader background of abuse and gross factor metalizer modulate excessive, then with a little finesse in the settings, the resulting sound becomes much more interesting and musical. Its depth, alongside filter cutoff, can be controlled by the position of the modulation wheel or keyboard Aftertouch.

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From the classical guitar, I adapt sounds MiniBrute sounding guitar to create a happy marriage. However, there are many variants even within the VCO stable – from discrete designs built from separate components to those built into a single custom chip alongside filters, LFOs and envelope control sections.

Even if it seems weak it is rather comfortable. The filter is of the switchable multi-mode variety, offering low, high and band-pass, as well as a notch option, plus resonance capable of self-oscillation. Weight – 4 kg 8. What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? As for controllers on the front panel, I leave it to you to read their descriptions via prior reviews and testing synthwalker.

All user reviews for the Arturia MiniBrute

All this is very personal. If you are looking for a analog synth to get your feet wet with than the MiniBrute is perfect for you. No menus, no presets. Expression is it good? In short, the MiniBrute can make music as noise. Before diving-in, it’s perhaps worth reminding ourselves of some synth-design parlance.

I just spent my afternoon to pass its signal to the internal effects of Kronos, and there is the big delusion. The MiniBrute does have pitch and modulation wheels plus two oscillator types, Ultrasaw and Metalizer. There are no built-in effect in the MiniBrute, arutria I just sticks it a slight reverb and that’s enough.