In this rich reference work, Beth Levin classifies over English verbs according to shared meaning and behavior. Levin starts with the hypothesis that a. English verb classes and alternations: A preliminary investigation. By BETH. LEVIN. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Pp. xviii, Cloth. $ English Verb Classes and Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation. Beth Levin. ( Northwestern University). Chicago: The University of Chicago. Press, , xviii.

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Creation and Transformation Alternations 2. Verbs of Creation and Transformation Verbs of Dressing Other Instances of Causative Alternations 1. Non-Agentive Verbs of Contact by Impact Verbs qlternations Rushing Verbs of Desire Verbs of Lingering and Rushing Verbs of Communication Verbs of Light Emission A Verb Index for use with the book.

Reflexive of Appearance Alternation 5.

Adjectival Perfect Participles intransitive verbs 6. Verbs of Appearance, Disappearance, and Occurrence Verbs of Sending and Carrying. Raw Material Subject Alternation 3. Verbs of Transfer of a Message Easy to use, English Verb Classes and Alternations sets the stage for further explorations of the interface between aternations semantics and syntax.


Verbs Requiring Special Diatheses. Verbs of Inherently Directed Motion The first part of the book sets out alternate ways in which verbs can express their arguments.

With Proposition Drop Alternation. Image Impression Alternation 2. Verbs of Preparing Verbs of Group Existence Verbs with Predicative Complements Verbs of Sound Existence The second presents classes of verbs that share a kernel of meaning and explores in detail the behavior of each class, drawing on the alternations in the first part. Unspecified Object Alternation 1.

English Verb Classes and Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation – Beth Levin – Google Books

Natural Force Subject Alternation 3. Directional Phrases with Nondirected Motion Verbs 8. It will prove indispensable for theoretical and computational linguists, psycholinguists, cognitive scientists, lexicographers, and teachers of English as a second language.

Verbs of Exchange Obligatory Reflexive Object 8. Simple Reciprocal Alternation transitive.

Verbs of Calibratable Changes of State Verbs of Body-Internal Motion Verbs of Putting in a Spatial Configuration 9. Locatum Subject Alternation 3.


English Verb Classes and Alternations

Verbs of Emission For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Verbs of Manner of Speaking Verbs That Are Vehicle Names The result is an original, systematic picture of the organization of the verb inventory.

Verbs of Motion Using a Vehicle Inalienably Possessed Body-Part Object 8. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Verbs of Contact by Impact About Contact News Giving to the Press.