In Part II, the symptoms and the process of diagnosis of bursitis of the hamular process is presented. Additionally, recommended treatment options will be. tini muscle was demonstrated and described histologically. ln Part Il, the symptoms and the process of diagnosis of bursitis of the hamular process is presentee!. Pain originating from the throat may emanate from many different structures. The stylohyoid and stylomandibular ligaments are known as.

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The pterygoid hamulus as a pain-inducing factor. In Augustthe left pterygoid hamulus was resected under general anesthesia. Virtually every one suffering this bursitis will report a history of the seeing numerous physicians to discover the cause of their symptoms. Axial view depicting hamulsr elongated pterygoid hamulus measuring about The effect on middle ear disease of fracture of the pterygoid hamulus during palatoplasty.

Bursitis of the hamular process. Part II: Diagnosis, treatment and report of three case studies.

Note, however, that the effect of steroid injection lasted for only 1 year, and the pain in the palate and ear returned. According to Kronman et al. In addition to the surgical procedure, she also had a session nursitis cognitive behavioral therapy gursitis the psychosocial aspect of chronic orofacial pain. It would be worthwhile to diligently listen to our patients while they narrate their history as this can distill a plethora of maladies involving the orofacial apparatus and adopt a dual axis approach.


Case Reports in Surgery

Three-dimensional computer reconstruction of the eustachian tube and paratubal muscles. Treatment of bursitis of the hamular process is either palliative or surgical.

Vigilance of this intriguing entity is essential bursitjs all health practitioners concerned in the diagnosis and management of orofacial pain. Intraoperative photograph showing the pterygoid hamulus. Cone beam computed tomography axial view showing an elongated pterygoid hamulus. The overlying palatal mucosa was normal. This mass appeared to be pterygoid hamulus.

Three disorders that frequently cause temporomandibular joint pain: Sometimes, the patient has a clinical presentation similar to glossopharyngeal neuralgia, which makes swallowing solid food impossible 9.

Abstract A striking feature of the skull base is the pterygoid hamulus known for its bizarre morphology and biomechanical location. Patients with persistent orofacial pain do not present with concrete symptoms that allow for a straightforward clinical reasoning. The hamular process is visible hamuoar cephalometric radiographs. The pain also radiated to the left ears. Discussion Because pain in the soft palate or in the pharyngeal region may be due to various causes, it can present a diagnostic challenge to the clinician.

The tensor veli palatini muscle dilates the eustachian tube and communicates with the nasopharynx 22 The apparently normal clinical picture of the oral cavity can perplex the clinician.

Putz R, Kroyer A.

Bursiits at Google Scholar E. The pterygoid hamulus or bursa is removed, but the tendon of the tensor veli palatini is left intact if at all possible.

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Pterygoid Hamular Bursitis: A Possible Link to Craniofacial Pain

In this regard, the tensor tympani and tensor veli palatini muscles act simultaneously and synergistically, being able to increase intratympanic pressure temporarily. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Care must be taken to avoid delay, misdiagnosis, and overtreatment.

Bursitis of the tensor veli palatini hamualr with an osteophyte on the pterygoid hamulus. Pterygoid hamulus bursitis is one such rare entity showing a constellation of symptoms in the orofacial region. An anatomic study of the tensor veli palatini and dilatator tubae muscles in relation to eustachian tube and velar function.

When she stopped taking the drugs, however, the pain recurred.

The medial pterygoid plate is narrower and longer than the lateral plate. Please review our privacy policy. Surgical gamular was done, enabling the patient to be pain-free for 28 months.

The Ohio State University Press. Find articles by Won-Bae Chun. Find articles by Jin-Yong Cho. Report of two cases. Anat Anz Jan; 1: Dupont and Brown 11 reported a case of tenderness to palpation in the hamulus region, which was eliminated after anesthetic infiltration of the area.

Cleft Palate Craniofac J.