I want to convert a Postscript. You can use the The Ghostscript Interpreter API . Please refer to the following c# code to Does GhostScript provide any library so that we can reference it in our C# project to programmatically handle printing of ps / pdf files?. Nov 3, Greetings, Can anyone suggest how to merge multiple PDF files into a single PostScript file when using GhostScript with C# At the command.

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Hi Viruddhi, Though I have not implemented this through a Web application, but it should work with both Windows Application and Web application. Do what ever is needed in the web app.

But, I could not find a way of setting orientation while printing a document from a Process object. If someone has the problem, that on a server deployed application isn’t able to create a ps file, then that may seriously be a problem with user restrictions on the server.

Always i’ve tried to print. Hi BhubanThanks for your quick reply. Hi hey i have used this method to create a pdf file from a word file but the problem is i’m able to created Postscript file from. The tl is related to MSWord, so I think you are trying to print a word document, and the user who is trying to print do not have access to msword. Poetscript you want the ps file, then you can copy it to some other location after converting the doc file to ps.

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C#

Hello Deepak, If you want to merge PDF files, then you can directly use the merging option of ghostscript. Tuesday, August 1, 7: I was also wondering if you knew the code to assign page orientation to landcape when we define the printer process.


A simple double click opens the file in IE. This problem first started when the C drive ran out of space hanging all processes and still continuing. But, if it is working locally, then it should also work when the application is hosted. So if you want to print any file, you should have a default application associated with the file, that could read the file format and print the file.

This forum is talking about Windows Forms and ClickOnce, so do you use Winform to achieve your purpose? Or is there any better way to achieve this task? In this case, no ghostsscript process is invoked; rather the same process that was running is used to open the new word document. It might help me to get into the problem.

Creating PDFs with C# using Ghostscript: ASP Alliance

Convert Word to PS. Executing it via cmd is the easiest way to ghoetscript it, as we can send the arguments as is. Here, we are creating a process and opening the Windows command window. Can u get what’s the problem when Web application is published and configure with IIS.

[gs-devel] Merge multiple PDFs to PostScript with GhostScript / C# – I got an answer

If any file type is not defined here, then the Operating System will not be able to open the file or do any of the operations that are desirable.

Amjad Abdullah sorry for the late answer and anyone else: What we are too doing here is that we are creating a Virtual Printer that prints to a.


Total number of pages in the document: Though I am not sure, but the server where the application is hosted, should also have ghostscript installed on it. My puzzlement lies with the fact that this only happens when it is executed on the cmd. Hidden; even if i give that its opening up that word and excel,is there any possiable way to hide that window popuing up Hi, I am not getting the gsw But for this, you will have to use ps2pdf that is available in the lib directory of ghostscript.

[gs-devel] Merge multiple PDFs to PostScript with GhostScript / C# – I got an answer

I will try to post a code snippet on this soon. Check the following links: If the ps file is not created, i think ghlstscript there is no “gswin32c. My question is, why is there a need to execute the command on the stream?

There seems to have a bug which replaces the message with back slashes, if the message contains one. You can go through them to more about distribution.

You may have to use some other tools like ps2pdf that is available with the ghostscript lib. Don’t tell someone to read the manual. Windows Forms General https: Hi Bhuban, Thanks a lot.

The ps file is not generated as the printer do not run on the server.