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Most of the race condition problems often discovered and corrected in the kernel itself, rely on competitive access to memory areas.

Now, let’s implement it; first, let’s make the application Set-UID root. The idea is to slow down the target process to manage more easily the delay preceding the file modification. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Opening a temporary file, if not done properly, is often the starting point of race condition situations for an ill-intentioned user. Let’s take an example using this type of link. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: But then we got our solution!

Within a real application, the race condition only applies during very short lapses of time. It’s an stdio library routine, not a system call. However, this only protects from interferences with applications having a correct behavior, that is, asking the kernel to reserve the proper access before reading or writing to an important system file. The method allowing to benefit from a security hole based on race condition is therefore boring and repetitive, but it really is usable!

If the argument is an allocated string, the name is copied there, what requires a string of at least L-tmpnam bytes. Let’s write something like:. What we previously called resource can have different aspect. Thus, it’s important, when manipulating a file, to ensure the association between the internal representation and the real content stays constant.


By the way, the ‘ x ‘ Gnu extension for the opening modes of the fopen function, requires an exclusive file creation, failing if the file already exists:.

There’s a library function called lockf close to the system call but not so performing. Here is an example. Let’s remind you must never consider that two operations in a row are always linked unless the kernel manages this. There are two types of lock mostly incompatible with each other.

The third argument is a pointer to a variable of struct flock type, describing the lock. Let’s have a look at the behavior of a Set-UID program having to save data into a file belonging to the user.

Its content will blaes at tmpnam NULL next call. Selection access mechanisms semaphore, for example must be used to avoid bugs hard to discover. All the reading we’ll do next will concern this file content, whatever happens to the name blaes for the file opening.

As a matter of fact, the above situation rather corresponds to the one of a daemon, providing services to every user. If race conditions generate security holes, you must not neglect the holes relying on other resources, such as common variables with different threads, or memory segments shared from shmget.

Let’s suppose the user can both provide a backup filename and a message to write into that file, what is plausible under some circumstances.


1 – Articles du blog

Accordingly, it will compare hcristophe file’s owner to its own real UID. As soon as there is still a process having a descriptor for a file, the file content isn’t removed from the disk, even if its name disappeared from the directory where it was stored.

More on open later, when talking about the temporary files chrishophe. Different approaches can be conceivable to reach our goal:. Free software being available with source code and so for C librarythe filename is however foreseeable even if it’s rather difficult. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Safe coding: Race conditions

Everything is ready for the attack. Here is the method: This is also true for writing into a file i.

The tempnam function returns a pointer to a string. Some versions allow more than six ‘X’.

That is, the standard libraries functions are expected to provide features abstraction All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Next, we run our application in the background “to keep the lead”. The administrator can tell the kernel the fcntl locks are strictsusing a particular combination of access rights.

Provide feedback about this page. It can have different values: Then, if a process locks a file for writing, another process won’t be able to write into that file even as root.