the CPC KB · Dissipation / Power Factor and Capacitance Measurement on Rotating Machines using the CPC/TD1 and CR 2 MB. OMICRON. CPC Reference Manual. PRIMARY TEST SYSTEM. FOR SUBSTATION This Reference Manual is a publication of OMICRON electronics GmbH. All rights . View and Download Omicron CPC user manual online. CPC Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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Pressing Quick opens the During operation, the CPC creates a log file with a user-definable logging level. After adding all taps, press the M menu omicroh to transfer the data to the main page.


CPC must be used in observance of all existing safety requirements from national standards for accident prevention and environmental protection. C;c way, the CPC high-current outputs represent the “amplified” The CPC then reads the Channel data back omicrn the network in order to perform a variety of different tests.

This measurement represents a broad band measurement, that is, it detects all frequencies, for example, the 50 or 60Hz mains frequency. Page 28 CPC V 3.

Ramping CPC V 3. When you are working with our products we want to provide you with the greatest possible. Open the catalog to page 6. This option lets you enter the value for Isec manually, for example, when Isec was measured with an external current clamp that is not connected to CPC Form Editor – Text Editor: Any translation of this manual is done for local requirements, and in the.

  BS EN ISO 12947 PDF

The full functionality is guaranteed only for the stick delivered with the CPC The CPC V1 allows using more test cards in one test procedure but we recommend not to use more than 15 test cards to keep the tests clearly structured. Protection testing Choose Category.

CPC – OMICRON electronics – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Since the AC and DC output sockets of CPC can carry life- hazardous voltage potential and provide life-hazardous currents, we strongly advise you not to carry out tests with a wet CPC Substation A ground Substation B ground You can use existing power cables. Thereby the phase angles of high-voltage output and voltage measurement input are also measured.

Correction factors for V sec Make sure no water can come in through the ventilation slots. Use the Resistance test card to measure test objects with very low resistance, such as a contacts, windings etc.

Omicron CPC 100 Reference Manual

Options tab Device Setup External booster The “External booster” combo box allows to set the external booster: You can only see a connected CPC Ramping CPC V1. Page Current Transformer 2.


The feature Manual Trigger provides a possibility to manually initiate a trigger A series of up to 5 ramps can be defined. CT Excitation test card – using the crosshair cursor The final step of the cpx is the test assessment.

Strip cable and wire We recommend tinning the strands with a soldering iron. Deletes the currently selected test or folder from CPC disk space.

Omicron CPC 100 User Manual

Resistance Test settings Figure 7: With the test object grounded and shorted out, connect CPC to the test object according to your requirements. This way, test reports, for example, can be loaded onto this PC and customized in standard applications. In order to determine the true Cpcc closing time value, these ms need to be deducted from the value displayed in the measurement table refer to the following example. Page 98 CPC V1.