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You only can command Deltia 1.

Press OK to confirm and go to the next program step. This should help to validate some assumptions and learn a bit more on X2D protocol. There are 6 program steps satrbox day.


Leaving on 10 January, returning on 19 January, indicate 9 days. I understand that RFBee alone can;t do that? The control system display is flashing.

Python Script I done to manage heaters on a Week will probably work on Windows not tested, you will just have to add a scheduled task to start the script every 30 minutes or less SixK. Slow forward Press and hold: From the documentation, I understand that there is also a ddore non-freeze signal. Delt course, the colder room in my house is not always the same our kitchen is pretty cold but not anymore when we start cooking.

Press button J as many times as necessary to select the day to copy.

For a good Temperature regulation you will probably have to use a PID library: You possibly have 2 ways to command Heaters with TyDom You can write down what the different programs represent in the list below: There is a problem with the sensor installation. So, the idea was to put wireless temperature sensors in each room e. I’ve bought it in July So it is a Deltia 8.


To return to the programmed mode, press as many times as necessary. I know that Deltia receivers can be associated with at least 2 areas, but I don’t know if it can be associated with 2 areas from 2 differents houses Deltia emitter house Id. See Delta dore documentation for this For better result, you must put your Deltia Emitter near your DVB stick less than 1 meter if you don’t have any antena, maybe about 1 meter edlta more if you have an antena SixK.

The control system follows the program: Absent mode for an unspecified period. The zones that can be accessed for programming are the ones declared when the unit is put into service see installation guide.

User guide STARBOX F03

Since your goal was to replace the original thermostat and have a raspberry pi drive the boiler, how do you currently obtain the lowest temperature from all your room in order to turn the boiler on and off? I’ll have to see how to send “. The red LED at the top of the unit is flashing. DHW hot water tankHeating, Other uses. In the tempo option, overrides are cancelled by a day colour change. I have a Deltia from Delta Dore that switches my boiler on and off, with the thermostat sending orders according to temperature.


I’ll have to see if there is an interest to program Heaters 15 minutes by 15 minutes or less.

Press OK to delete. Interresting variable is v4 that can take a value from 1 to 30 and seem’s to impact several other variables. A very interesting thread indeed! Hereafter the captured frames sorted by number of occurences number of occurence: I Should be able to tell you if it’s something near to what I have for my heaters or something totaly different.

You can go from one mode to another simply by pressing the2 and 3 buttons. Sets the day H button: Your system Use the spaces provided to specify the information that will allow you to identify the heating zones e. Control systems Press A D to select the control system.

Start of Operation period OR: Hot water tank DHW Press button.

MINOR – Delta Dore

And I have not idea if my messages can control your Boiler since messages may not be the same. The consumption indicator flashes. Sets the minutes Press and release: It should work as is without changing a single line g03 my source code.

In this case your Deltia 8. Once compiled, the following command line should work: The unit goes to the next zone. Here is my latest excel working file: