Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page So far I know of the ADnD Diablo-PnP and the DnD one mentioned above It doesn’t fully recreate diablo II because it doesn’t have the. Diablerie is a supplement for Dungeons and Dragons: Diablo II Edition. The supplement is mainly dedicated to describing the playable classes (taken from.

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A horrible monster section. There is a Secret Cow Level for the roleplaying game as well:. The next useful part is a magic item generator.

Originally Posted by Alcore. They tend to be rather nasty, gruesome, monstous monsters usually several subtypes diabperie group or type. Forum seems to have problems with me posting images The Games Category Baldur’s Gate.

It worked perfectly for the situation. Basically, it’s a series of tables that let you generate very complex and often powerful magic items, using a series of suffixes and prefixes. And hardly any information on Sanctuary to role-play by. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! So, all in all, a good book, but lousy production values. Friday, 12th November, diabllerie, D2 diqblerie Sword of Justice. I am strongly considering homebrewing my own Savage-Worlds take on the setting and would like to know how you found the two DnD-versions of Diablo if you played themor if you have any advise for diabldrie going forward, such as things you would like to see in a Diablo-Setting or things you think would not fit well into it.


The time now is Try and get it for it might help with ideas.

Diablo II: Diablerie

They also get a d6 for hit points. Classes are basicially of 2 types – those that cast spells, and those that are warriors. If you have ever read the novels you know there is a good story material for 3. The last major part is monsters. Does anybody know of other takes on a Diablo-PnP. Physically, it’s 96 pages, and the margins are not big, diiablo as I said, the type is large.

Any experience with D&D – Diablo II – Diablerie

Books and Other Media Tales of Sanctuary. There’s also an included adventure, which quite honestly isn’t all that great, and is very hard to read. Way too much mouse clicking. On the other hand, since the first Diablo, I have always loved the magic item generation system they have. Rather than making assumptions that don’t fit with the text and then complaining about the text being wrong, why not just choose different assumptions that DO fit with the text? First off, let me say that I actually can’t stand the Diablo computer games.

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Saturday, 28th June, The map for the included adventure is extremely blurry, being almost impossible to read. I have heard nothing good from attempts as ji bring “a soulless video-game-standin” even if they have no resemblence to the classes of the source material.


That’s an exageration, obviously, but I think you get the idea on my opinions of this book. Join Date Feb Posts Fansite Secret Cow Level Warden. Originally Posted by Psyren. This book is terrible.

Classs with 25 levels, with powers that only roughly corespond to D2. The cover art is nice, but the rest is of varying quality, with the interior pieces being quite blurry and composed of shades of viablerie and black.

Diablo II: Diablerie (Dungeons and Dragons/D&D d20)

Diablo pen and paper RPG. D3 comic Book of Cain. It is some very good material, but it bothers me on a certain level as well. Evil diablerei out for number one while crushing number two.

The Sorceress’ spells tend to be elemental ranged attacks, while the Necromancer’s tend to revolve around manipulating the undead duh, I know and can be a bit gruesome ex, Corpse Explosion. Reset Fields Log in. And the text density! Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. And it is faithfully reproduced here. D3 lore Diablo novels. Remember, Evil isn’t “selfish”. But really, the important lesson here is this: Need a million or so different and cool magic items?

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