Diary of a Madman and Other Stories has ratings and 78 reviews. Petra Eggs said: I listened to the title story, rather than read the book (which mi. When I first began to read Lu Xun’s Diary of a Madman, I read it in a very literal way and was a little bit confused. At first I asked myself. In this lesson, we will analyze and interpret the short story ‘Diary of a Madman’ by Lu Xun. This story contains the diary of a man who descends.

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This book is not preachy–its almost a stream of consciousness style.

What does he find there? The narrator comes to the conclusion that his older brother ate his younger sister when she was a child, that perhaps he himself unknowingly consumed her as well, and that his mother either did not know or od not speak of the cannibalism because it was inappropriate to speak of such things. Madmann revolutionary at the end of the Ching dynastyHsu Hsi-lin was executed in for assassinating a Ching official.

How do such references address the problems of Confucianism? As for the title, it was chosen by the diarist himself after his recovery, and I did not change it.

The old man’s eyes were cast down, but off did not deceive me! I remember when my elder brother taught me to write compositions, no matter how good a man was, if I produced arguments madmab the contrary he would mark that passage to show his approval; while if I excused evil-doers, he would say: On the other hand, if a man is frightened or worried to death, although that makes him rather thin, they still nod in approval.

For instance, the lengthy Introduction walks through the satirical nature of some of the material, although you would have to be a scholar of earlyth century China to appreciate it, and to understand what it was satirizing – such as Chinese social customs and overall diagy. I held out my two fists, to see what he would do. My brother had disappeared.

That was missing which left the book frustratingly without depth. It seems to be a minor Incident and the passenger is in a hurry and not troubled by the possible pain of the woman involved. The story “Home” was the exception, and several other times he flirts with something brilliant, but otherwise I was not moved or emotionally engaged. Lu spoke of his view of society and was able to create an indirect interpretation of what many people face; not only in China but I feel it relates around the world.


I knew they were one band, all eaters of human flesh. Does he see something others can’t? Lu Xun Hope is a path on the mountainside. As I began to read deeper into the text, I understood that the man in the diaries suffers from paranoia. Many of those people had studied abroad and learned advance ideas in other countries.

Diary of a Madman

I think mother must have known, but when mxdman cried she did not say so outright, probably because she thought it proper too. What changes does he believe human beings must undergo?

Biografie Lu Xun was de oudste van drie broers. Mother cried and cried, but he begged her not xnu cry, probably because he had eaten her himself, and so her crying made him feel ashamed. As for my elder brother, I have also good reason to suspect him. The other day when ddiary tenant wanted the rent reduced, you said it couldn’t be done.

The book can be great; after all it is listed by writers and critics among the best books ever written.

Diary of a Madman by Lu Xun

Old Chen hurried forward and dragged me home. The story teller says: This entry was posted in Class Blog. This is their old trick. Both the old man and my brother turned pale, awed by my courage and integrity.

In the past I simply listened to his explanations, and let it go at that; now I know that when he explained it to me, not only was there human fat at the corner of his lips, but his whole heart was set on eating men.

Chao does not know him, he must have heard talk of this and decided to avenge him, so he is conspiring against me with the people on the road, But then what of the children? The collection of short stories has a tumultuous start, with the Diary of a Madman. They piled on top of me. By using cannibalism, Lu Xun illuminates the problems of the society without an obvious assault on the corruption in China.

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In kwam Lu Xun terug naar China, waar hij lesgaf. Outside the gate stood a group of people, including Mr. Probably much more ashamed than the reptiles are before monkeys. What is their meaning? What is the symbolic meaning of that step?

Diary of a Madman by Lu Xun | Great Works MW Spring

What does it suggest or stand for? He returns to the metaphor of cannibalism from time to time, most masman and tragically in “Medicine”, where the cure for tubercu This is a collection of 26 short stories by Lu Xun. But I also knew that they did not all think alike by any means.

For example, the second diary even begins with his obvious paranoia. In Section 9, what makes people reluctant to take “that one little step”?

Lu’s stories often focus on how conservative thinking amdman religious observation of tradition dulls the sense of judgement, crushing the weak, different, and out-of-sync. How can a man like myself, after four thousand years of man-caring history—even though I knew nothing about it at first—ever hope to face real men? I could not see all their faces, for they seemed to be masked in cloths; some of them looked pale and ghastly still, concealing their laughter.

I see that woman’s “bite several mouthfuls out of you,” the laughter of those green-faced, long-toothed people and the tenant’s story the other day are obviously secret signs.

How comfortable life would be for them if they could rid themselves of such obsessions and go to work, walk, eat and sleep at ease.

The idea of courage that repeats itself in the diaries. When our tenant spoke of the villagers eating a bad character, it was exactly the same device. Mar 28, Petra Eggs rated it liked it Shelves: The driver abandons the rickshaw concerned about the wounded pedestrian and looking back, the story teller feels remorse- we should be more caring about the others, less selfish This is a story about revolt and various attitudes to it.