Esky honey bee cp3 manual pdf. 2 21 7 06 20 PM, error Service Control. Manager – The Windows Search service terminated unexpectedly. Items 1 – 24 of 45 Esky honey bee cp3 instruction manual. Item Name:ESKY 4 in 1 Controller Receiver Item NO Brand: Esky Compatible with. Discussion HoneyBee CP3 setup Beginner Training Area (Heli-Electric) get pitch 0 at low stich and +7 at high stick according to the manual.

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The pitch adjust will only effect the pitch when in normal mode, it is overriden in idle modes. HK is nice bird, easy to assemble and fly.

Cp3 honey bee manual – vuqxrpmece –

Our Tx has a 5 model memory so we are gonna use that feature for it. Very nice to visit my website and for letting me know you were here.

Sorry for not being as clear to you as I wished to be. Ik heb op het my-rcguides forum een paar vragen achter gelaten over mijn nieuwe HoneyBee.

E Sky Honey Bee King 3 000015 Instruction Manual

Thats the most common learning strategy there is for human beings. Eesky 05, Mooie site heb je trouwens. So just look online for a good copy of FMS which will be free to download. This can become a serious mesh in only a few seconds!


I am sure you encountered it already. I saves money too. Only move to next small step until your mastered your current practise. Last edited by brownviper; Jul 25, at Now we are in the model selection menu.

Hi Eric, Great site, just discovered while surfing for better info on understanding and binding my HK-6X transmitter to new 8R rx. Was this heli used or new?

Mar 15, This is the whole point of owning a computer radio. May 28, If you can go outside and find yourself more space. Apr 06, Use the right two buttons to go to lets say N2. Notify me of new posts via honeg. Imagine your heli flying in your TV. I am slightly disappointed that you have to bind each time you change from one heli to another but at least the settings stay set.

Your site has helped a lot. When done then bind in the new channel the RX you always have to bind the RX when using a new channel. Hi Tony, Thanks for visiting my website finallyand thanks for leaving a message! Hi Paul, Thanks for coming back with some feedback. Mocht hojey iets vergeten zijn te beantwoorden of onduidelijk zijn geweest, eaky het dan maar weten. I always like that very much. Hi Les Thanks for your great comment!


Anyway, thank you for this site I will be visiting it often and let you know how I make out. I got myself an Esky Big Lama a couple weeks ago.

On the way to this point I messed with the servo reversing switches in the botton right corner of the tx. This just takes time. Discussion HoneyBee CP3 setup this is driving me nutz I m trying really hard to get the pitch setting right for this heli.

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