Manson Site - The Fiasco Continues!

On the site where a 'clean-up' has been completed under the watchful eye of Provincial and City experts, and a Record of Site Condition has been filed attesting to the completeness of the 'clean-up' ..... guess what?

There's still asbestos-containing material laying around, and the Ministry of the Environment knows!

The links below lead to a verbatim series of e-mails from the last few weeks (beginning May 2002).

They are self-explanatory and clearly demonstrate what the community representatives have encountered over the years, when dealing with the Manson site. More importantly, the situation to which they refer indicates yet another violation of the legislation regarding the removal of material from an asbestos contaminated site.

Please read them and form your own opinion on this, the latest Manson Site issue.

Question from Gay Cowbourne to MOE: May 6, 2002
.... people were seen on site, picking stuff up off the ground and putting it into bags ....

Answer from MOE: May 6, 2002
... the people that you saw on site was hired by the proponent to pick up garbage and debris ....

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Question from Gay Cowbourne to MOE: May 7, 2002
.... I'm somewhat puzzled as to why they are picking up "garbage and debris" from this site ....

Answer from MOE:
No answer received

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Question from Gay Cowbourne to MOE: May 14, 2002
.... some pieces were picked up, examined and dropped back on site, while others were bagged for removal. This is not the way that I collect "garbage and debris"....

Answer from MOE: May 14, 2002
.... as soon as I speak with the consultant regarding this matter, I will contact you .....

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Answer from Steve Gilchrist: May 14, 2002
....We have received word back from the MOE officials that what transpired was the removal of garbage from the site, not asbestos ....

Response from Gay Cowbourne: May 14, 2002
.... I am completely mystified by the fact that those picking up the "garbage" were so selective ....

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Answer from MOE: May 17, 2002
... I was informed that the material that was being picked up and put into bags was pieces of transite pipe ...

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Question from Gay Cowbourne to Steve Gilchrist: May 20, 2002
.... there are lies and there are omissions of information ....

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Answer from MOE: May 23, 2002
... the Ministry ... may choose at random to audit the the Consultant's reports to ascertain whether the statements provided are reliable ...

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Ready for another surprise?? There's been asbestos-containing material stockpiled on site for months. And everybody thought they had been told it was all removed ..... read about this new surprise here.

And the MOE has finally made clear to the proponent what needs to be done. And will the Ministries of Environment and Labour make sure that really happens?