W. Frąckowiak, M. Lewandowski, Wzrost zewnętrzny przedsiębiorstwa. Teoria i praktyka [in:] W. Frąckowiak (ed.), Fuzje i przejęcia, PWE, Warszawa , pp. Frąckowiak W., „Fuzje i przejęcia przedsiębiorstw”, PWE , pp. 4. Jajuga K., Jajuga T. „Inwestycje”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa , pp. Chakrabarti, Hauschildt, Sueverkruep, Does it pay to acquire technological firm [in]R&D Management, nr Frąckowiak W. (edited) Fuzje i przejęcia.

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Leveraged Buyouts in Poland *

The case of merging firms. The empirical evidence since Corporate performance, corporate takeovers, and management turnover. Means of payment in takeovers: The book consists of six chapters. Multifactor explanations of assets pricing anomalies.

Brookings Institution, Washington, DC Operating performance in leveraged buyouts: Working Paper, Flarvard Business School,www. Shareholder wealth effects of European domestic and cross-border takeovers bids. Chapter two reviews legal and accounting regulations, motives, financing sources, valuation and post-merger frckkowiak.


A review of event studies applied to acqutions. Readings in mergers and acqusitions. A re-examination of an anomaly. Univerity of Chicago Press, Chicago Mergers as a means of restructuring distressed firms.

Detecting long-run abnormal stock returns: Generally, the cash flow return is positive for combined firms and higher in comparison to the pre-merger period but the net profit return is negative. Postacquisition frckwoiak of acquiring firms. A reapply to Mr.

Effect of synergy and ownership structure. The post-merger performance of acquiring firms: The adjustment of frckowia prices to new information, “international Review”No UK takeovers and acquiring company wealth changes: Oxford University Press, New York The last chapter provides a review of published results of several studies of market and operating performance of mergers and acquisitions on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Akty normatywne Dyrektywa z dnia Shareholder wealth gains in mergers: The short-run market abnormal return is positive for acquired firms fuzjje negative for the acquiring ones. The measurement of corporate performance on cashflow basis: Mergers and managerial performance. Managerial decisions and long-term stock price performance. Shareholder wealth effects of corporate takeovers: WIG Press, Warszawa Evidence on real gains in corporate acquisitions.

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Table 3 from Leveraged Buyouts in Poland * – Semantic Scholar

DzUnrpoz. Narodowy Bank Polski, Warszawa Discussion of glamour acquirers, method of payment and post-acquisitions performance: Strategic blocking, arbitrageurs and the division of the takeover gains. Corporate diversification and firm performance: Glamour acquirers, method of payment and post-acquisition performance: Risk, return, and equilibrium: Allyn and Bacon, Inc. Ustawa z dnia