Gurbani Paat Darpan (published by Damdami Taksal, Mehta) is available at Sikh Missionary Centre Shop (Featherstone road southall, close. Gurbani Path Darpan -Book By Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale -Books on Sikh Gurbani in Punjabi – Gurbani Steeks in Punjabi – Punjabi. The wonderful Singh known as pjs on has done the seva of digitalising Gurbani Paath Darpan and has put it on

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Reply to this topic Edited January 17, by amardeep. Reply to this topic Start new topic. The wonderful Singh known as ddarpan on SikhSangat.

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Guru Ji was selecting 5 pyaras so Guru Ji knows. Why couldn’t the bhagats come back to do seva when the Guru Gobind Singh ji, who was mukt, came back to do seva? Basically the bhagats according to this theory did not come back because they were still stuck in janam maran.

Gurbani Path Darpan

Sign up for a new gurbsni in our community. Same applies for Pyara Mohkam Singh. Posted October 9, Now, if he had to take janam again, he was stuck in janam maran himself.


Gurbani doesn’t say anything about this so we can’t say it is anti-Gurmat. Sign In Sign Up.

Is Namdev Ji’s bani wrong when he says:. If Sainn Ji was stuck in janam maran himself, then his Bani wouldn’t be credible.

That is basically attacking Bhagat Dhanna Ji’s Bani. That is saying bhagat Dhanna Ji didn’t get mukat and he had to take janam again. Also, how did baba and company know these pyaras were avtars of those bhagats? I dont know where paty can buy a physical copy from but you can download a complete ebook version of it from scribd page:.

Display as a link instead. That is something new. At any case, if we go by your logic, then there are many events in sikhi, your twisted logic can question, it can question lot of events, lots of previous shaheed and murids in Sikhism for example why stop there khalsa fauji? Gurfateh Veerji, I dont know where you can buy a physical copy from but you can download a complete ebook version of it from scribd page: You put mitti on mistake, it will come back when mitti get washed away.


Gurbani Path Darpan – SikhBookClub

Bolan toa pehlaa soch taa liaa karo. Posted September 28, Sign In Sign Up. Obviously you are refferring to the AKJ view here. I don’t take word of any random scholar and start believing.

My theory on Mahaparloh. Waheguru jeo Thank you all for the blessings!


Only 75 emoji are gurbsni. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Khalsa fauji, I would appreciate if you answer my post first than answering xylitol post. For sake of being consistent, i m sure you question, they raise their hand one by one to give heads, because in your head, they should have all raised their hand at once?

Guru Nanak Dev ji Bani on muslims dancing in a circle, basically spinning on the spot. This book disrespects Bhagat bani and places question marks on bhagats. You are commenting as a guest. Posted January 15, This is direct attack on lives of bhagats and their bani.