Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson. Commentary by Terry Winter Owens and Suzanne D. Smith. This book is without doubt one of the most extraordinary books. With Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff intended to “destroy, mercilessly the beliefs and views about everything existing in the world. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Editors’ Note. Gurdjieff wrote Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson from through , and continued in later years to.

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This revised Fourth Chapter of Dr.

What an abortion you are, just like your teacher! It is not that Gurdjieff leaves the reader hanging, for he often goes to great length to define and illustrate these words. I agree with many things he writes about. Gurdjieff reveals candidly in the opening pages of Beelzebub’s Tales that this First Series of his writings is for the real consciousness buried within us and beelzsbubs intended taels “destroy without mercy” the conceptions and views that have become so firmly rooted because of centuries of people beelzebbs abnormally.

Would you like it and thank the impudent thief who broke into your house? I can tell you personally after reading the first two hundred pages I was finding myself frustrated and not feeling as if this tome was living up to its reputation.

Gurdjieff went to great lengths to add layer upon layer of complexity to the book. But in fact Gurdjieff did the exact opposite of that.

This is a fact that must be taken into consideration when beelzebube over the books, and only then can we explain the book with benefit for the intellect. For such a possibility, ensuing from my language, or rather, strictly speaking, from the form of my mentation, I am, thanks to oft-repeated past yurdjieff, already quite as convinced with my whole being as a “thoroughbred donkey” is convinced of the right and justice of his obstinacy.

Now that I have told you the history of the arising of the second group of the ggurdjieff beings of the continent Ashhark, I must tell you also about the history of the arising of the third group. Now that this introductory chapter of mine has turned out to be so long, it will not matter if I lengthen it a little more to tell you also about this extremely sympathetic Karapet of Tiflis.

In Search of the Miraculous Harvest Book. Don’t get me wrong.

beelzebybs Despite the philosophical issues weaving through the book, the story can be compared with science fiction, and can therefore be very entertaining at some times.


As a result of this conviction of mine which as yet doubtlessly seems to you the fruit of the fantasies of an afflicted mind, I cannot now, as you yourself see, disregard this second consciousness and, compelled by my essence, am obliged to construct the general exposition even of this first chapter of my writings, namely, the chapter which talrs be the preface for everything further, calculating that it should reach, and in the beelzdbubs required for my aim “ruffle,” the perceptions accumulated in both these consciousnesses of yours.

And when he had drained dry his nearest there, he addressed himself for assistance to his nearests dwelling on the planet Mars.

A Commentary on “Beelzebub’s Tales”

If you approach All and everything with an open mind you are likely to learn a lot, but the precise means in which we are influenced by the books remains unforeseeable.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Beelzebub decides that the Karnak should wait in outer space until the comet has gone by. Eventually, after gaining admittance to many esoteric schools that few Westerners ever were admitted to, he learned that there are ways for man to become much more than what he already is. All this population, extraordinary for the said planet, accommodated itself little by little to its new dwelling place, and many of them even found one or another occupation for shortening the long years of their exile.

Gurdjieff tries to depict human civilization in a way that everything has gone terribly wrong, human race having failed almost completely in most aspects of life- as- it- should- be, humanity having destroyed all efforts to correct this.

I do feel it was intended to be a tool in the practice of Gurdjieffs teachings, which threw reading threw it over and over again, one becomes sounder in its teachings, and grows a greater understanding of personal awareness.

Beelzebubā€™s Tales to His Grandson

After a little time when both these strange sensations had calmed down within me, I then actually discovered that some foreign substance was in my mouth, and when I pulled it out with my fingers, it turned out to be nothing less than a tooth of large dimensions and strange form.

After this reply to our Russian merchant who was perplexed by these two quite contradictory but obviously clearly reconcilable facts, it was visible that something began to proceed in him, and gazing up at the ceiling, he again pondered, this time like an English professor who has invented a capsule gurdieff castor oil, and then suddenly turned to his friend and delivered himself for the first time on Earth of the verbal formulation which, expressing in its essence an indubitable objective truth, has since assumed the character gurjieff a saying.


But every duty they fulfilled was fulfilled only from the fear and apprehension of ‘threats’ and ‘menaces’ from outside. This book was written in a strange way that requires the reader to “actively mentate” while reading.

Having said these last words, Beelzebub, after a little while, with a bitter smile, continued to talk as follows:. He talrs confident that, in order for a man to develop properly as well as thoroughly on the physical and spiritual way, all these aspects must be combined and form a fourth way.

The plot of Beelzebub’s Tales primarily revolves around the ruminations of an extraterrestrial known as “Beelzebub” to his grandson Hassein, as they travel through space towards Beelzebub’s home planet, “Karatas”, on the spaceship Karnak.

It moves from cosmic perspective to the very, very earthy.

All and Everything

With its own original set of words and vocabulary, excessive and unnecessary repetitions, as well as a rather confusing dialogue, this book certainly does become a test of concentration, will, and wit to complete and truly unravel its innermost meanings.

Now that I have warned you of what is most important, I am already tranquil about everything further. Briefly, if I exercise my privilege and take the good end of the stick, then the bad end must inevitably fall “on the reader’s head. Contents First Book Preface. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. No other book has had such an effect. The second of the mentioned vivifying factors, this time for the complete fusion of my dear grandmother’s injunction with all the data constituting my general individuality, was the totality of impressions received from information I chanced to acquire gurdjiefc the event which took place here among us on Earth, showing the origin of that “principle” which, as it turned out according to the elucidations of Mr.

The book itself makes several meta-teachings. Ein charmante altmodische Science Fantasy-Buch. Lentrohamsanin is a being who destroyed all of the traces of the Holy labors and teachings of Ashiata Shiemash. THE captain soon afterward entered and having performed before Beelzebub all the ceremonies appropriate to Beelzebub’s rank, said:. In my mind, this is one of the most veelzebubs books that I have read thus far.