Developmental response of the mahogany shootborer, Hypsipyla grandella ( Zeller), to temperature was determined in laboratory trials in Turrialba, Costa Rica. The mahogany shoot borer, Hypsipyla grandella,is one of the most of Female and Male Hypsipyla grandella (Zeller) to Swietenia macrophylla Essential Oils. J Chem Ecol. Sep;29(9) Electrophysiological responses of female and male Hypsipyla grandella (Zeller) to Swietenia macrophylla essential oils.

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It is the only species of Hypsipyla in Florida, where it is a pest of West Indies mahogany Swietenia mahagoni Jacquina native tree that is frequently planted as an ornamental or shade tree in southern Florida.

Control of Hypsipyla spp. The range of this species more or less coincides zellet that of the mahogany shoot borer except Cedrela odorata is not native to Florida. Forest Ecology and Management Howard, University of Florida. Its ecology and management. Capsule in initial stage of dehiscence, dehisced insect-free capsule, core damaged by larvae, dehisced capsule with larval damage. DeFilippis, University of Florida.

Biological activity of Ruta chalepensis Rutaceae and Sechium pittieri Cucurbitaceae extracts on Hypsipyla grandella Lepidoptera: However, since imidacloprid is absorbed at different rates by different tree species, the grandellx of a drench treatment applied earlier in the season should be tested.

Zelper though a great deal of research aimed at managing H. Therefore, the objective of this research was to determine the response of H. Seasonal incidence of shoot infestation by mahogany shoot borer in Florida. Estimation of a common lower thermal threshold for all immature stages 8. A monograph hypsupyla the neotropical Meliaceae. Research on both of these approaches is underway in Costa Rica.


Mahoganies growing in natural forests often occur at low densities and are mixed with many other species. Acknowledgements Back to Top We thank Dr.

Hypsipyla grandella – Wikipedia

The head capsule is brown. Diel activity pattern and effects of wind on the mating success of cedar tip moth, Hypsipyla robusta Moore Lepidoptera: Small trees whose terminal shoots are attacked repeatedly in successive years become extremely deformed.

Eggs were inspected every 24h, in order to determine hatching rates and development time at each constant temperature. Pyralidae en condiciones de laboratorio. K hpsipyla constanty development timet temperature and a LTT Wigglesworth About 40 species of insects have been identified as natural enemies of the mahogany shoot borer in the Americas Sands and Murphy There they hollow out seeds, after which they bore into the capsule’s core, where they sometimes pupate.

For instance, available information on the H. Larvae that bore in shoots produce a tunnel of several centimeters in length. Mature larvae are about 25 mm long.

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Books on mahogany with discussions of insects associated with them include Lamb and Mayhew and Newton Both of them bore into terminal shoots of young host plants, breaking the apical zfller, which causes forking of the stem and excessive production of lateral branches. In the tropics, mahogany shoot borers are active all year Taveras et al.


This may be explained by the higher levels of food storage normally present in the fat body tissue of the granddlla Chapman West Indies mahogany, Swietenia mahagoniseed capsules and their parts damaged by mahogany shoot borer, Hypsipyla grandella Zeller. Desenvolvimento de Hypsipyla grandella Zeller Lepidoptera: The pupa was subsequently transferred to a dry, 30ml plastic flask, where it was inspected daily until adult emergence.

True hpysipyla Swietenia spp. The genus includes the following three species Record and HessLambPennington Failure to mate at most temperatures in our experiments could be due to absence of air currents inside the environmental chamber.

These trends also held for each sex. Literature Cited Becker, V. Howard and Meerow Day-degree methods for pest management. Research to identify genetic strains of these trees that are resistant or that can overcome shoot borer attack has progressed well Mayhew and NewtonWatt et al.

Thus, the most vulnerable H. Mahogany trees are susceptible to attack when they reach a height of 0.