Wole Soyinka. Filled with ironies and personifications, Soyinka uses the Although Abacha had died in , King Baabu has a strong. : King Baabu (Modern Plays) (): Wole Soyinda: In the manner of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi, Soyinka develops a special childish. Soyinka re-enacts history of a nation as he premiers his new play, Wole Soyinka ignited the Nigerian stage with his new play, King Baabu.

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The stage direction of the play is direct and aids the quick comprehension of the play. Want to Read saving….

King Baabu (Modern Plays) Wole Soyinka: Methuen Drama

Although the tempo fast at times, and may as well conclude that Soyinka makes a break from the past tradition of difficult stage direction as in a play like A Dance Of The Forest, where the audience shuttles between the world of the living, the dead, the yet-unborn and the spirit.

Incidents like prodding harmless civilians with electric objects, summary execution of innocent citizens bring back the grotesque memories of our recent past. Despotism, oppression is everywhere, so this play is not just on the African continent but to everywhere where there is oppression of democracy,” Ofoegbu concluded.

He is nothing, just a superstitious and sadistic being. He too Secretary-General before you not so? In want for fun, he throws caution to the winds and sleeps with one of the foreign ladies brought to him. King Baabulike Ubu Roiis incredibly daft, with over the top violence, an incompetent ‘hero’ and scatological jokes offering us incontinence and a character called Potipoo, for instancebut, unlike Ubuit stays within the realm of coherent farce rather than a jumbled, childish pantomine.

Long Live King Baabu.

Wole Soyinka’s A Play of Giants and King Baabu: The crises between ideology and (social) vision

Jill added it Sep 07, Mayowa Abiodun marked it as to-read Jun 02, This unfortunate experience not only accounts for what Soyinka summarizes as “the souinka sore of a continent”in his essay of the same title, but also gives an obvious impression that Soyinka, in these plays, embarks on an excursion that reveals how the self-inflicted horror of power games have precipitated the degradation of human values on the African postcolonial landscape.

I said go back and get cracking with government mint, when I return, I want to see brand new currency notes in circulation, not hearing all this grumble of shortage of sotinka and so on and so forth.

Favourable economic condition – Baabu social welfare for the people – Baabu. Baabu’s over-ambition and tyrannical exploits later leads to his down fall at the end of the play.


It is very simple and straight forward.

Nigeria: King Baabu: A Reflection On History

More vividly, Soyinka in an interview with Onookome Okomepresents the circumstances that led to the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa and other Niger Delta activists under Abacha’s regime, and how that incident became a threat to his life: Their vulgarity, garrulousness, and poor command kinng language is set side by side with their incompetence, poor sense of political economy and evil nature.

The options are in the eviction from the embassy or extermination of Kamini or a forced negotiation that will reverse the coup in Bugara and reinstate Kamini or a suicide operation that will kill Kamini, his hostages and the protesters. Your Excellency, qole whole world knows that the United Nations never gets involved in the internal soyinla of our member countries.

Weaving together burlesque comedy, theatrical excess and storytelling, King Baabu has already been coined as a pet name for the despot par excellence. Sani Garba added it Apr 07, In A Play of Giants the hypocrisy is exemplified by the non-concession of the Secretary General seat of the UN to Africa, the double standards on diplomatic decisions, the discrimination in the granting of loan facility, the global deceit in the fight against apartheid and selective approval in the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Altogether, for first stage of Operation Fill the Stomach, my ministry calculate special budget allocation of seventy-five million dollars foreign exchange.

AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items daily from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public. Msiska gives expression to this when he asserts that: This subjects the movement towards utopia to constant review because the audience also takes responsibility for any of the actions chosen from the multilayered options seen in the playwright’s vision.

Usman Aminat marked it as to-read Sep 08, The playwright’s use of this word amplifies the pervading symbolism of filth and odoriferousness, and the fact that father and children have this common derivative is indicative of the trend that will continue in Guatu, especially as Potipoo returns to power at the end of King Baabu. Freedom and Complexity xiiwhen he points out that although Soyinka’s works respond: Soyinka’s grand woel of the masses’ state of amnesia in the anti-climactic ending of the play portends hopelessness and confirms that “the longer the people are subjected to the brutality of power, the longer, in geometric proportion, syinka the process of recovery and re-humanisation” A Play of Giants vii.

The plan of Basha to convert military parade grounds to farmlands in what he called “Operation Fill the Stomach” project exposes an underlining grand design to impoverish the people through an elaborate white elephant bqabu It must be conceded though that the phrase “African writing” at this point functions mainly as a signifier with no clear-cut signified.


Jeyifo Wole Soyinka 89 appreciates the development, noting, “the “middle period” of the s and s-the post-Civil War, post-incarceration period of Soyinka’s career-saw the writing and staging of satiric comedies and social dramas considerably more ferocious and much gloomier in mood than the plays of the earlier period of Soyinka’s efflorescence as a dramatist. The situation appears worse in King Baabu because no one is ready to take responsibility. A naked satire on the rule of General Abacha in Nigeria, the play chronicles the debauched rule of General Basha Bash who takes power in a coup and exchanges his general’s uniform bzabu a robe and crown re-christening himself King Baabu.

He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in If we go ahead and print more, it would Weaving together burlesque comedy, theatrical excess and storytelling, King Wloe has already been coind as a pet name for Africa’s despot par excellence Robert Mugabe.

Reflections of African Literature Governance and Development. He re-christens himself King Baabu. The Resurgent Bookworm marked it as to-read Aug 26, His satiric comedies, as exemplified soyijka the plays to be discussed in this paper, are triggered by an impulse of nationalism that offers interpretations to the dilemmas within and outside his indigenous space.

Abacha’s wife and Chief of Staff, respectively.

Two of his works, The Man Died: You sustain this man in power for years with the most sophisticated weaponry. Frankly, despite it being a direct parody of it, I actually feel bad for putting Ubu Roi within the same sentence as this play, bazbu Soyinka gave us what Jarry’s literal shit play should have been: Even one could glean lucidly from the name Soyinka gives his characters.

AllAfrica publishes around reports a day from more than news organizations and over other institutions and ikngrepresenting a diversity of positions on every topic.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But Basha, I mean, the next thing you’ll want us to plant cassava on our parade grounds. Gol Jmshd marked it as to-read May 26, Veterini rated it liked it Feb 03, The underlining agenda of the despots in these plays is to perpetuate their hold on power. Yet, Sanni Abacha bazbu made his own impact on Nigeria, which to some extent cannot be forgotten, it is left for the active generation to embrace or refrain for his sense of leadership.