Genealogy for Christian Anton Philipp Knorr von Rosenroth ( – ) family tree on Geni, with over million profiles of ancestors and. Christian Knorr von Rosenroth was a Christian Hebraist. After having completed his studies in the universities of Wittenberg and Leipzig. The text of these works has been annotated by Knorr von Rosenroth (the author of the “Qabalah Denudata,”) from the Mantuan, Cremonensian, and.

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There is considerable analogy between this and the tree Yggdrasil of the Scandinavians. Because the appearance development of the lower nine Sephiroth is according to dependent on the aspect ruling thought of the higher light Kether, the first Sephira.

After having completed his studies in the universities of Wittenberg and Leipzighe traveled through the NetherlandsFranceand England. The one is contained under the general meaning of the other, and also the beast under the general idea of the man vvon account of the mystery of the revolution of the soul. This is the full name. Vkn is, it doth not so much receive the higher sense, in order that it may denote the beautiful path or the foundation; but the highest, that is, the father or the wisdom.

He holdeth his tail in his mouth between his teeth that is, his knor, by which he is linked to the shells, turneth towards his other extremity wherewith he looketh towards holiness. Licensing for more information.

The number ten does not contradict the absolute unity of the Ain Soph; as one is the basis of all numbers, plurality proceeds from unity, the germs contain the development, just as fire, flame, sparks, and colour have one basis, though they differ from one another.

Like as it is written, Jer. The sixth Sephiroth of which Zauir Anpin is composed, are then called His six members.

roenroth By the aid of this mysterious science the lawgiver was enabled to solve the difficulties which arose during his management of the Israelites, in spite of the pilgrimages, wars, and frequent miseries of the nation. For whilst the supernal measures permit the rosenrogh in the inferiors, all judgments are subdivided.

But this name VIH is restored if it be written IHV; and thus jnorr that man the supernal, concerning whom it hath been spoken above; and also in those two namely, the father and the mother, also in the androgynous Microprosopus; and also partly in genus seeing that Vau alone symbolizeth both the Microprosopus and his bride and in species seeing that Yod and He are placed separately as father and mother. Their ten degrees answer to the decade of the Sephiroth, but in inverse ratio, as darkness and impurity increase with the descent of each degree.


Dichter und Gelehrter am Sulzbacher Musenhof ; Festschrift zur But negative existence bears hidden i itself, positive life; for in the limitless depths of the abyss of its negativity lies hidden the power of standing forth from itself, the power of projecting the scintilla of the thought unto the utter, the power of re-involving the syntagmatic into the inner.

Now also we have the commencement of a vibration established, for the number 1 vibrates alternately from changelessness to definition, and back to changelessness again. But when we reach the number nine we cannot progress farther without returning to the unity, or the Dumber one, fur the number knodr is but a repetition of unity freshly derived from the negative, as is evident from a glance at its ordinary representation in Arabic numerals, where the circle 0 represents the Negative, and the 1 the Unity.

Thou art of infinite power, of unmeasured glory; Thou pervadest all, and therefore Thou art all! By Thee is this universe pervaded, O Thou of the infinite forms. The excavation is the receptacle, like that which is hollowed out, or carved out, like a cave, or any other receptacle. And the sons of the Elohim are guarded nor is mention made of a similar case until Solomon came and joined himself with the daughters of men; like as it is written, Eccles.

That is, the kingdom of the restored world, which elsewhere is called the Bride of Microprosopus, came not into the computation when the six members were said to be created. How, then, if 1 can neither be vo nor divided, is another 1 to be obtained to add to it; in other words, how is the number 2 to be found? There are no separate numeral characters in Hebrew and Chaldean; therefore, as is also the case in Greek, each letter has its own peculiar numerical value, and from this circumstance results the important fact that every word roeenroth a number, and every number is a word.

The Qabalah may be defined as being the esoteric Jewish doctrine. This tongue is hidden between I, Yod, and H, He. In its unchangeable one-ness it is scarcely a number; but in its property of capability of addition it may be called the first number of a numerical series.

Like as it is said IH, Yah Ch-IH, Chiah, the corrected Mantuan Codex hath it, so that it may explain the word ChIH, Chiah, living creature, out of the eighth path of the understanding, which is that water of the name Yah, which denoteth father and mother. It gave non-Jewish readers a broad view of the first sources to be translated into Latin, and these were accompanied by explanatory notes. Much more if he seeketh to touch the supernal beard. But all things returned into the unity.


Even as we define it, it slips from our grasp, for it ceases when defined to be the Absolute.

Therefore are to be considered HA and HI. And thence are they planted into the perfect name, like as it is written, Gen. The solar lives are the days of eternal life, and the planetary lives are the nights with their dreams.

When the name is planted therein that is, when Microprosopus receiveth his proper conformation, according to the requisite numbers of the members, and of the veins. In this, the masculine and feminine potencies are regarded as the two scales of the balance, and the uniting Sephira as the beam which joins them.


Knorr von Rosenroth, Christian Freiherr [WorldCat Identities]

But that which is hidden and that which is manifest are balanced in the equilibrium of forms. From this ninth Sephira came the tenth and last, thus completing the decade of the numbers.

In the Shemitic languages, a paragogic letter is one which is added to a word to give it additional emphasis. But this form, which in itself includeth V, Vau, and D, Daleth, is usual in the inferior paths, and also in the father. Retrieved from ” https: It is also vvon AB, Ab, the Father. L Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala denudata. He devoted himself to the study of Hebrew.

KNORR VON ROSENROTH, CHRISTIAN. Kabbala Denudata [“Kabbalah Uncovered”]

HA, He, is extended by another He, as it is written HH in open and plain writing; but also it is sometimes written in another way, HI, also HA; the one in the name OB, Aub, the other in the name MH, Mahand in rosenrotb feminine symbol it denoteth the two females namely, the supernal mother and the inferior mother; the understanding and the kingdom.

The true pronunciation is a most secret arcanum, and is a secret of secrets. But also there is given the judgment which is neither of the one nature nor of the other. It is called an ornament because it covereth the rest, just as a garment which ornamenteth the body covereth that.

File:Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala denudata. Wellcome L0007910.jpg

Now followeth a mystical explanation of Gen. What God is in Himself it is not given to man to tosenroth. This, however, is not the only occult reason that I have placed this symbol in the plate, for it typifies other ideas upon which I shall not here enter.