Nel libro, suddiviso nelle due sezioni teoria (I) e tecnica (II), l’Autore descrive le sue ricerche nel campo della fisica dell’atomo, in particolare la scoperta. Libri Ighina| Cambiare se stessi per cambiare il m. PIERLUIGI IGHINA – L’ ATOMO MAGNETICO – Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo. Il Libro 1 Dei Ritmici Di Ighina Versione 2 0. Uploaded by. Francesco Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo Magnetico (). Uploaded by.

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For example, if a flower has a basic atomic pulsation ofand its external atoms get in touch with other atoms like those of light, heat, gas, etc. How could he obtain the union of these magnetic atoms? Ighina appears to us more tired that shot down: Wait some days and observe the environment: Upon this discovery he made a scale of alterations which showed him that when he would reach a pulsation ofthe matter would transform. Nel ne magnetoco pubblicata una 2 a edizione ampliata e.

Pier Luigi Ighina, student and assistant to Guglielmo Marconi.

The “Stroboscopio magnetic” continues to operate. Per quanto riguarda L atomo magnetico. Latomo magnetico di Pier Luigi Ighina; Tags. This device is only a passive resonator tuned with its’ shape to resonate on an harmonic of the well described cosmic event signal.

You can destroy the ambient rhythm and cause very big trouble in the area Sembra che gli bastasse soltanto la punta delle dita per scoprire il punto e la natura del guasto. Being witness direct constantly flanked by those who accompanied me I have given everything to me it seemed more important and significant events during my stay on the spot.


Pier Luigi Ighina Milano, 23 giugno. Tale corridoio doveva servire per due scopi ben precisi: Ighina says, then, that was the Madonna to inspire in the study of phenomena electromagnetic. I’m already past Nobody [ sognerebbe of rubarle ] because no one seriously believes that it is really lunar material because they say that Ighina is “crazy”.

So, though we can not explain why some you saw these “illusions” and others do not. He called this phenomenon the reproduction of matter.

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He answered that since he had been studying the effect of the planetary magnetic field on human vitality and in the formation of matter. But now Ighina is tired, needs to sleep, relax, at least for one month in a row. The rest of the book reproduces some of the alerts, warnings, information that had Ighina print in the zcoperta forty years, as well as some articles of journalists who had interviewed.

Many lamps applied two rotating blades to spread their blinding light, intermittent and rhythm. After this experiment another one followed in which he created a strong electromagnetic field around a plant.

Pier Luigi Ighina — magnetic atom

Every type of matter receives a certain type of enchancement from it. Next topic Previous topic. For hands of our body clocks already one night and is already on September This ring is sustained by three legs disposed in a triangle fashion. The different circles would create some magnftico of shield around the atom. Once, while he was analysing the clouds with his machine, a flying saucer passed between de,l vibrating canals of atomic magnetic energy.


If there was a flux something would deposit on the glass surface. The work has delayed the continuous arrival of Visitors who are indeed numerous and come from more different Italian cities. Poi si spenge tutto, davvero definitivamente. There is a life explosion!

Inside the tube he created ahomo canal which was tuned with the atoms of the matter he wanted to excite. These magnetic atoms create great excitation on the surrounding atoms causing their reproduction to their maximum vibration. Anyway, he says that due to the absorption of vibration in the canal the explosion was less delp. He classified different categories of atoms: Some people are also from abroad.

He was successful in that and so, leaving the apparatus for a whole day tuned in into the vibration of a certain matter, the next day the apparatus had slightly changed its vibratory rate, and so had done the matter itself.

But, since its pulsation is everlasting, it will raise again and the whole process recommences. This rhythm is unique and represent the state of tension of the specific matter. The apparatus is constituted as follows: They scoperha, in fact, that he is able to recall or remove thunderstorms. Januaryage