YOU ASKED: What are the plans for Meadowvale Road?

Many people are concerned about Meadowvale Road, south of Lawson, and the CCRA has had several enquiries about possible improvements to the road surface. Councillor Moeser recently sent out this letter to Meadowvale residents. We hope it will address your concerns.
Gay Cowbourne, Communications Chair

October 17, 2002

Dear Meadowvale Road Resident,

Re: Capital Improvements - Meadowvale Road

In his September 2002 report posted on the Association's website, Bob Baron, President of the Centennial Community and Recreation Association, indicated that he has been approached by several area residents about the City's future plans for capital improvement on Meadowvale Road. My office has received similar calls on this issue.

There are a number of rumours circulating about the City's plans and, given the sensitivity of the issue to area residents, I fully appreciate Bob including this issue in his report. I would like to take this opportunity to address these concerns and shed a little light on the City's intentions.

Firstly, presently the City has absolutely no concrete plans about the form that our pending capital improvements on Meadowvale Road will take. All that we do know for certain is - Meadowvale Road is deteriorating and has been included in the 2003/2004 capital program for improvement. At this point, Staff have not even started to consider the alternatives.

Secondly, my office has received a number calls from area residents asking for a variety of solutions. Some want the street left as is, some want a simple reconstruction (repair the asphalt base and resurface), some want curbs added, among other things. The range of alternatives being suggested does not surprise me - experience tells me that we get a variety of requests on these issues.

Finally, as we recently did for the residents of Colonel Danforth Trail, the design process for Meadowvale Road will start with public consultation. I want staff to have a full appreciation of what area residents want before they start the design process.

Please rest assured that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going to happen without the residents being fully consulted on this project.

Yours truly,

Ron Moeser
Councillor, Ward 44
Scarborough East