YOU ASKED: What's happening with the proposed new Police Station? We haven't heard much about it lately. Exactly where is it going to be, and when will it be built and in operation?

I was one of the CCRA representatives on the public consultation committee and this is the latest information that I have:

· The new station will be built on the vacant land just east of Manse Road, on the south side of Lawrence.
· The proposed new station is to be 40-42,000 square feet, excluding the mechanical and electrical equipment space. The site has room for extending the building in future, if required.
· It is designed to house 260 - 300 police officers.
· There will also be a permanent ambulance station as part of the building. It will be run totally separately from the police station.
· The design incorporates many environmentally friendly concepts - for example, windows that open in the direction of the prevailing wind, lots of greenery for summer shade and a fountain that uses recycled water from the roof and parking lot.
· There will be meeting space available for community use.
· City arborists have found that the trees on the present site are a mix of Manitoba Maple and poplar and will therefore be removed.
· The divisional boundary is still to be finalized but they are looking at an area bounded by 401, Lake Ontario, McCowan and the Pickering Town Line.

· Re-zoning has been completed and is in place.
· Council approved the structure on October 3, 2002.
· The Police Services approved the structure on October 22, 2002.
· A public information meeting was held on Thursday, December 5 at William G. Miller Public School.
· The construction will go to tender in March 2003. (2 - 3 months)
· Construction period will be May 2003 to July 2004. (14 months)
· Completion and occupation is expected by August 2004.

· Total cost of building is expected to be $9.1m construction, (total cost will be $12.7m including furnishings etc.)
· Police and Councillors Moeser and Soknacki, (both members of the City Budget Committee) are confident that all of the funding will be in place before the construction begins.

Gay Cowbourne
Communications Chair

(It seems that many people don't know where the new station is going to be built. At the November Public Consultation meeting, I suggested a large on-site sign to advertise the future home of the 43 Division Police Station. My suggestion was accepted, but I haven't seen the sign on the property as yet.)