Yellow Moon Construction Contact List

Work is well underway on this site. If you have any questions regarding work activities on the site please refer to the contacts listed below

Contact List for Manson Property – south west corner of Port Union and Lawrence

Please contact the following with regard to:

1. General inquiries, inquiries about dust and safety issues on the construction site:
Project Manager: Mike Swain , 416-396-7390 or
Ieuan Jones Ashton, 416-396-4226

2. Concerns regarding construction of buildings with no apparent permit card visible on site, dust problems that extend beyond the site property, mud tracking from a building construction site on to public roads, and general inquiries, call 416-396-7322
Inspection Managers:
Paul Meleta, 416-396-7317
Joe Debono, 416-396-7984

3. Concerns about dust and environment safety please call the MOE Duty Desk Line at 416-326-3381.

4. Concerns about public health call Toronto Public Health for Healthy Environments - East Region Health Office 416-338-7431.

5. Any concern regarding this property call Councillor Gay Cowbourne at 416-392-1373

The information above was provided by Councillor Cowbourne’s office